How To Update Statement Template

Infinity Statements allows you to customize your template. We include a default template when the package installs, But we do allow you to change the template as you see fit.
The only rule that always applies is, when you want to show the list of transactions, all the variables you want to list, must be included in a table row (<tr> </tr>) tags. The rest of the template can be changed and adapted as you see fit.
To update the Account Statement Template just follow the steps below.

Step 1:
  1. Open Statement Template From the Infinity Statements Addon
  2. Edit the template as you see fit using the WYSIWYG editor.Infinity Statements WYSIWYG Editor
  3. When you are finished, Click on the Source Code for TinyMCE.
    Infinity Statements WYSIWYG Editor
  4. Select The <tr> - </tr> tags and the content in between for the row need needs to be used to populate the statement. And copy the entire row.
    Infinity Statements WYSIWYG Editor
  5. Paste Contents of the <tr> - </tr> in The Transactions Identifier Text Area.
    Infinity Statements WYSIWYG Editor
  6. Click On Save And You Are Done.

We recommend doing adding the Transactions Identifier field everytime you edit the template, as TinyMCE may clean up the code and then it will change compared to the code you pasted previously.
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