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Check List:
  • Auto Update Manager License:
    If you do not yet have a license for the module. Please order your license.
  • Active WHMCS License:
    This module is designed for WHMCS and will not work without it.
  • Auto Update Manager Setup And Configured:
    If you have not yet set up this module in your WHMCS, please see our articel on How To Setup Auto Update Manager (WHMCS)

Adding A Product To Auto Update Manager:

  1. Browse To Addons -> Auto Update Manager
  2. Below the table of products you should be able to add a product in the section shown below. WHMCS Auto Update
    Important: the file you upload must be a .zip file and the version must be a valid float(Real) number
  3. After adding your product. You would see it in the list above like in the image below. Product List - WHMCS Auto Update Manager
  4. Using the options on the right you can View The API Keys For Each Product, Upload A New Version For A Product & Delete Products.

After adding a product, You can now add the Updater Class and use it's functions to keep your scripts up to date.
For more information check out our article on Using Auto Update Manager In Your Scripts

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