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Check List:
  • CPTransfer License:
    If you do not yet have a license for the module. Please order your license.
  • CPTransfer WHMCS Module:
    If you have already ordered your license key, please ensure you have already downloaded the file.
  • Active WHMCS License:
    This module is designed for WHMCS and will not work without it.
  • CPTransfer Must Be Setup And Configured:
    If you have not yet installed CPTransfer on your WHMCS installation. please proceed to do this first. How To Setup & Configure CPTransfer

Adding An FTP & SSH Server:

  1. Firstly browse to Addons -> CPTransfer.
  2. Once in CPTransfer open the FTP & Servers Tab and click on Add FTP Account.
    Information Required:
    • FTP Host: This would be the FTP account to where backups are transfered when this server is selected. (The FTP Account needs to be on the same server where the restore is taking place.)
    • FTP Username: This is simply the username with which the backup process will log in when transfering the backup's files.
    • FTP Password: This is simply the the password for the above mentioned username.
    • Directory: This is the directory where you would the the backups to be stored, Starting from the FTP account's root.
      It is crucial that the FTP account's directory in cPanel starts in the cpanel account's Root directory, as the restore takes this directory into account when locating the file for the restore process.
    • Server IP Address: This would be the IP address of the server where the account is going to be restored. (The IP with which you can login to SHH)
    • Server Username: It is highly recommended to simply use the root user because of permissions. The user will need to be able to access the following commands (whmapi0 And /usr/local/cpanel/bin/restorepkg).
    • Server Password: The password for the account mentioned above.
    • Home Directory: This would be the home directory for the account where the restore command should look for the file. E.g: /home/cpusername/
      The home directory should stop where the FTP account's root directory starts. The restore path would be HomeDir+FTPDir+filename.

      Please keep In Mind:
    • All Password's are encrypted for security.
    • All information needs to be provided.
    • If fields are left empty, it may result in a corrupt restore. So it is very important to double check all information.
  3. You are ready to start transfering...
Once these steps have been completed. You can start adding cPanel Account & Reseller Account Transfers to the server.
You may want to read up on How To Transfer A cPanel Account And/Or Reseller Account With CPTransfer.

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