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Check List:
  • CPTransfer License:
    If you do not yet have a license for the module. Please order your license.
  • CPTransfer WHMCS Module:
    If you have already ordered your license key, please ensure you have already downloaded the file.
  • Active WHMCS License:
    This module is designed for WHMCS and will not work without it.
  • CPTransfer Must Be Setup And Configured:
    If you have not yet installed CPTransfer on your WHMCS installation. please proceed to do this first. How To Setup & Configure CPTransfer
  • FTP & SSH Server needs to be setup already:
    It is very important to complete this step first if you have not
    . Please read more on Adding FTP Account & Setup SSH Server

Important Notes:

Before starting any cPanel transfer requests, Please ensure your existing firewall Allows Outbound Connections Using Ports 2082 & 2083. These ports are used to contact the remote server's cPanel API to request the backup be made and transferred. If these ports are blocked by your firewall the module Will Not Work.

Request cPanel / Reseller Account Transfer:
You may be wondering how these two procedures differ. But in an effort to keep things simple, they only differ by 1 step, The button which is clicked in the menu. Further information needed is exactly the same. So there is no need for seperate guides. This guide should guide you pretty well in both aspects.

  1. Firstly browse to Addons -> CPTransfer.
  2. As mentioned above. Before starting any transfers, you need to have the FTP & SSH Server setup. Please do this before continuing if it has not already been done.
  3. Once Ready, You may now click on Schedule cPanel Transfer / Schedule Reseller Transfer depending on your needs.
  4. You will now need to provide basic access to the remote cPanel. This would be the same details you would use to login to the account.
    • Domain: This would simply be the domain name I.E.
    • cPanel Username: This would be the username used to login to the cPanel account.
    • cPanel Passwod: This would be the password for the above mentioned username.
    • Destination: Please note, this is the server where the account is going to be restored based on your setup in the FTP & Servers section.
  5. Submit and Wait...
    Please Note: You will need to keep your browser window open while transfers are being processed. The transfers are checked and processed via Jquery AJAX, which means, when a step is completed and the browser is not longer open, the transfer process will pause until you revisit the page.
You are officially ready to start handling MASS AMOUNTS OF TRANSFERS with ease...
For more information or assistance please contact

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